About the Fiat500 Club

The Fiat500 Club of the Netherlands

The "Fiat 500 Club Nederland" was founded by some fanatic Fiat 500 enthousiastics on the 24th of May in 1980. The club now consists of more than 4000 members, mainly from the Netherlands but also from other countries. All these people have one thing in common: their love for the Fiat 500.

The "Fiat 500 Club Nederland" is a legal entity, it is registered at the Register of Associations of the Chamber of Commerce in Harderwijk.

The Aim of the Club

The aim of the club is to increase the pleasure of the joint hobby of its members: driving and maintenance of their Fiat 500.

What is offered by the Club?

Each year approximately 15 events are organised. These include tours, spare-parts markets, fares, technical days and "coffee&chat"-days. During these events, experiences can be exchanged with other members.

Club Shop
The club owns a clubshop where the Fiat 500 driver can find nice as well as practical things, such as workshop manuals, reprints of owner's manuals, miniatures, memberlists, etc.

Club Magazine
Four times a year, the magazine "De 500" is issued. In this magazine you will find experiences of the members themselves, technical information from the technical committee, ads from members (selling and buying), ads from car insurance companies offering special Fiat 500 rates, upcoming events, previews and flashbacks to events as organised by club members, clubshop info and more!

Maintenance Accommodation

The club has a private maintenance accommodation where members can work on their 500. Reservation is necessary.

Spare-parts Supply
The Fiat 500 Club also disposes over a 'spare parts storehouse', which is managed by a couple of members. Members can buy here almost all Fiat 500 parts, both new as well as used. The yearly renewed Club-Card also offers discounts at a certain amount of companies and so called 'Points of Support'.

Members Help Members
When a club-member experiences problems with his or her 500 during a tour and cannot proceed or be helped otherwise, he or she may contact one of the members that have agreed to help with towing. A cup of coffee may be served or they may even be offered a place to sleep!

Technical Committee
The Technical Committee is formed by members from all over the Netherlands. These members can be contacted in case of technical problems with a Fiat 500.

Membership / Donorship

Each owner of a Fiat 500 or a derived version can become a member of the Fiat 500 Club. Someone who does not own Fiat 500 himself, but is 500-minded can become a donor. The yearly contribution fee is Eur 35 plus an initial registration fee of Eur 12,50. After the 1st of October the contribution fee is Eur 12,50.

You become a member after you have sent in the yellow registration card and after you have paid the contribution and registration fee. Please allow for three weeks to process your registration.

Further Information

Further information including a registration card is obtainable from the following address:

Fiat 500 Club Nederland
P.O. Box 68
phone 00 31 343 414262

You may also send an e-mail to Fiat 500 Club Nederland  to obtain your information brochure. Please include your name and address in your message.